To all appearances, economic and political liberalism, in contrast to indigenous spirituality, suggest antagonistic belief systems. In this fashion of the mismatched dogmas, profit is naturally characterized as the colonizer of animism. However, both abide by faith to an omnipotent ideology and both give praise to contributive counterparts that materialize the ambition of its philosophy. In the business industry, a rainmaker is a profitable member of an enterprise that generates additional cash flow, wins over new accounts or taps in unusual commerce channels; thus bringing forth increased revenue. In Native American spirituality, the ritualistic dancing of a rainmaker during a drought is meant to incite the deities to let flow to the rain. Be that as it may, the crossed-purposes of these conflicting cultures do not merely allude to an analogy of money being the equivalent of rain; they depict the irony behind the politicization and commercialization of water.

Designed as a critical project on the future of water, RAINMAKERS presents a photoshoot composed of an ethnically diverse cast, soaked in varying amounts, along with a streetdance video inspired by the fusion of various dancing influences, as well as a series of GIFS that focus on daily water consumption habits. The illustration of geopolitical and social disparities, the embodiment of the irony of rainmaking for the rich and the revealing of daily water waste and commercialization intermix in an effort to raise awareness of the inequalities engendered by the control of the blue gold.
Credits Rainmakers

Photograph Pierre Manning Shoot Studio
Film Matt Charland Shoot Studio
Art Direction Bianca Di Blasio / Pierre Manning
Stylist Bianca Di Blasio / Dulcedo Artists
Mua Alper Sister’s / Dulcedo Artists
Assistant Stylist Tishanna Carnevale
Assistant Stylist Mikael Brassard
Assistant Photo Alexandre Couture

Design & developpement Folklore
Sounds / Music Jean-François Clermont
Copywriting Jean-philippe Métivier
Interactive Folklore

Karla Etienne, Dancer
Devon, Represented By Dulcedo Models
Yekta, Represented By Dulcedo Models
Isham, At Faces Mgmt
Jean-Philippe, At Faces Mgmt
Special Thanks To Jodi Heatrz
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